Old German Cookbook

Old German Cookbook


Our unforgettable “Old German Cookbook” contains over 300 recipes from the 1750′s thru the 1890′s. All recipes were gleaned from more than thirty treasured and extremely fragile family cookbooks from volunteers throughout the surrounding counties of Franklin, Gasconade and Lincoln, as well as many from St. Louis/Kansas City AND Pennsylvania! Recipe titles were originally written in German, but now have English translations! We are told by many exuberant past clients it is the most intriguing collection they have ever seen and enjoyed. Extremely unusual and unique, professionally printed, spiral bound–a delightful and treasured gift for any cookbook or “ethnic” pioneer collector! It is a cultural and “eye-opening experience” for any history lover of  the traditional and the Deutsche recipes — designed to preserve the Northern and Southern German Culinary heritage!  

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Savor the pleasant aromas of wood smoke, coal oil lamps and old time "deutsch" cooking that our German forebearers took so for granted. It is to them that we dedi­cate-this Deutsch Country Days cookbook.

Many of our first settlers arrived from Prussia, Westphalia, Hanover and small towns in Germany. They selected parcels of land, built log houses and began to clear and cultivate the soil. Although these thrifty newcom­ers came from Germany, they were known as "Dutch" instead of "Deutsch". During those early days, the good housewives brought with them recipes of traditional German cooks. Life was difficult at first - the !and yielded lit­tle return. There were few roads and towns were far apart. It was not always possible to secure the traditional ingredi­ents, so it became necessary to develop new recipes to uti­lize the plainer foods to create tasty dishes. Necessity was again the mother of invention. These resourceful women became famous for their German cookery.

Don't be disturbed when you see the spelling of many of the dishes. Short distances seemed great in the early days due to slow methods of travel, so different dialects were used even in adjoining states.

In conclusion Deutsch Country Days wishes to acknowl­edge a debt of gratitude to those good cooks of yesteryear who created these fine recipes, and to their descendants who - recognizing their splendid quality and delicious pos­sibilities - preserved them to this day. May you find these recipes a source of inspiration to carry on and preserve the tradition of fine old Deutsch cooking!